Range Safety

1.  Guns must be carried unloaded and with actions open
       except when about to fire at a target.

2.  When in racks, guns must be unloaded and actions open.
       (Exception: break-action guns may be closed when in

3.  Only one person shall shoot at a time, and only from
       designated shooting stations or stands.

4.  Shooting is allowed at clay targets only.

5.  No more than two shells may be loaded at a time.  For
      singles and handicap trap, only one shell may be loaded. 
      Only target loads with #71/2 or smaller shot are allowed.

6.  Dry firing and aiming is only allowed from a shooting
       station or stand.

7.  If a delay occurs while a shooter is on a station or stand,
       the fun must be opened and shells removed.